KMWorld 2006 Wrap-up

I did my profile in in the form of a FAQ Q:Why do you come to KMWorld? This is my third year, so it's something of a triumph of hope over experience, but I believe that there are a number of techniques and technologies in the "knowledge management" space [...]

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Blogging From KMWorld 2006

There is a wiki for the conference at where I will also be doing some gardening (which I think sounds better than gnoming). We are also helping out New Idea Engineering with their booth; if you get a chance drop by booth 200 and say hello to Dr. Search, [...]

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JotSpot Dissolves Into Google Business Model

As a Jotspot customer I am not at all excited by the portents around Jot's announcement that they had been acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum and that, for the moment, no new accounts could be created. From Jot's Home Page New users: We've closed off new account registrations [...]

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Carole Edman, HR Manager To Go

I have had the pleasure of meeting Carole Edman at a number of networking events and been impressed with professionalism and expertise. She started consulting in 1986 as Carole Edman & Associates, and has been offering the following services to small and mid-size companies: High quality interim, on-call, or part-time [...]

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Administrivia in Startups

I had lunch with Sylvia Nessan, a veteran of Synopsys, CoWare, and several high tech startups and she made an observation that I thought was worth writing down: the founding team, and CEO in particular, don't pay enough attention to how much time they waste on administrivia. Hiring an admin [...]

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Nancy Blachman’s Google Guide

I'm late to the party on GoogleGuide, based on who else has written about it, this blog entry was triggered by Nancy Blachman's upcoming talk, "What Google Can Do For Your Business," Tuesday, November 21, 2006 7:00 PM, at the IEEE-CNSV meeting at KeyPoint Credit Union, 2805 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara, CA. This [...]

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Nusym De-cloaks 2

Some follow-ups to yesterday's post on Nusym Why de-cloak? Don't most stealth startups emerge? Yes, at least according to Google and EET. But a good Star Trek allusion (or is it Harry Potter?) always enriches a blog post and the Duke "invisibility cloak" demonstration announcement had recently gone out over the mojo wire, so [...]

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Nusym De-cloaks

Nusym has been on my radar screen ever since Venk Shukla came to a SIPA dinner on April 26, 2006 and joined their advisory board. Venk has been associated with a number of successful EDA companies (e.g. Cadence, Ambit, Magma Design, and Emulation and Verification Engineering (EVE)), a charter member [...]

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Diane Greene’s Fireside Chat at TiE Oct 19

Diane Greene, VMware’s CEO, gave a fireside chat at TiE Silicon Valley tonight. It was outstanding. I had never heard her speak before. I was encouraged by two folks who knew her and she did not disappoint. She was the founding CEO of VMware, which was acquired by EMC in [...]

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A WACI Track at DAC

From the Call for Papers for the WACI track Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) at DAC 2007 Submit a paper to the new WACI track at DAC and demonstrate your long-term vision! The WACI track will feature novel (and even unproven) technical ideas that create a buzz and get people [...]

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Born with a Face Made for Podcasting

So we were up at Office 2.0 last week and Mike Masnick from Techdirt announced that a new offering, the Techdirt Insight Community, was in beta. I stopped by their booth pedestal in the exhibit area and was surprised to see that I had been selected as a spokesmodel for [...]

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Mark Duncan on “New Tools for Increasing Marketing Productivity”

Mark Duncan gave an excellent guided tour at the October 9 SDForum Marketing SIG of several web based applications that marketing teams should consider taking advantage of in addition to (or even instead of) Microsoft Office. He opened with the observation that The applications bundled into Microsoft Office—word processing, spreadsheets, [...]

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Building a strong referral base is critical to every entrepreneur. Three things you can do today to build referrals: Make a list of 30 people you have had a shared success with, go back to school, first job, etc. Contact those people tell them: What you have been up to Here's [...]

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Blogging from Office 2.0 Conference

I will be blogging from the Office 2.0 Conference[1] for the next two days. It's a set of tools that I have been interested in for a while--blogs, wikis, content management systems, chat/IM, VoIP--with a focus on enabling small teams to work more effectively against a deadline. This is the [...]

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