Managing Change in an Organization: An Incomplete Resource List

Some models I like for change management in organizations. Startup entrepreneurs frequently have to navigate the challenges managing change as a part of the sales process. Intrapreneurs should find this list useful as well. I welcome any suggestions for additions, refinements, or improvements.

Managing Change in an Organization: An Incomplete Resource List

Model: Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperrider

Model Amplify Positive Deviance by Jerry Sternin

Model: Diffusion of Innovations by Ev Rogers

Model: Goals – Roles – Process – Relationships by James Shonk

Model: Trust vs. Agreement from Peter Block’s Empowered Manager

Model: Zone of proximal development: focus on one step at a time / incremental changes

Model: OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) Loop by John Boyd

Model: Effectuation by Saras Sarasvathy

Model: Force Field Analysis by Kurt Lewin

  • I reference this in “Oblique Strategies for Startups Part 1
    A line has two sides:  I think of Kurt Lewin and his force field analysis where the team collaborates on constructing a diagram to represent the forces holding the system at it’s current equilibrium point (keeping the situation stuck and preventing it from advancing in the direction you would like it to go). You draw a vertical line down the middle of a piece of paper (or a flip chart or a white board depending upon how many folks are involved). you then draw arrows representing the forces working in your favor and against the change you want to take. Each force (arrow) is assigned a “strength” either by it’s length or putting an explicit number next to it. Initially most teams focus on strengthening the forces working in your direction, but it’s often as fruitful to consider how to diminish or neutralize the forces working against you. Sometimes you can reframe the problem so that some of the forces that were working against you are now working with your (“Don’t fight forces, use them” advised Buckminster Fuller).

Model Action Research by Kurt Lewin

Model: Cynefin Framework by David Snowden

Model: Virginia Satir’s Change Model

Tactic: Premortem by Gary Klein

  •  “Performing a Project Premortem“ by Gary Klein
  • Assume Project Has Failed
  • Identify Possible Sources of Failure
  • Add Risk Mitigation Efforts to Address

Tactic Decision Record by Russell Ackoff

Tactic: Postmortem / After Action / Retrospective by many

Tactic: Stone Soup Play

  • Stone Soup Play: the positive approach to this is to act as a condensation point to collect stories and better practices so that you create a smorgasbord of options and allow each group to select from the “zone of proximal development” to reach the adjacent possible.
  • History of the Stone Soup Story at Stone Soup

Pattern Languages: Linked Networks of Tactics for Change

Planning / Influence Models

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Help Complete This List

Please suggest other books, articles, or techniques that you have found useful in the comments or contact me directly if you are interested in walking around a sales or organizational change challenge.

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