July 2016

Quotes for Entrepreneurs–July 2016

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Eleven Tips From Lynnea Hagen on Getting Unstuck

I attended a thought provoking talk by Lynnea Hagen (@LynneaHagen) on “Getting Unstuck” at PATCA and decided to check out her slim “Stuckness” book that offers 140 tips on getting unstuck. I picked these eleven as the most useful for bootstrappers.

Kierkegaard: Creativity Must Master Dread of the Unknown

Entrepreneurs can be paralyzed by the rich set of possibilities they face. It seems almost paradoxical that when you have one choice you can start immediately, when you have two you can flip a coin, but as possibilities multiply the desire to make the best choice can paralyze you. To fully embrace your creativity you …

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Lost Arts and Roads No Longer Taken

I have been working on my adjustments at the half for 2016 and thinking about lost arts and roads no longer taken. As much as we focus on the creation and adoption of new methods and new technologies it can be useful to consider capabilities different societies have abandoned.

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