Sign-up for Software Startup Checklist Seminar at Silicon Valley Code Camp

With Athol Foden's encouragement I have submitted the following session (links added) for this year's Silicon Valley Code Camp: Software Startup Maturity Checklist This session is for both aspiring and active entrepreneurs. We will walk through a 36 point checklist that covers Product Development, Customer Development, and Business Operations. You [...]

Athol Foden at Friday May 8 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Milpitas

Athol Foden  of Brighter Naming is our guest speaker Friday May 8 for the Bootstrapper Breakfast™ at 7:30am at the Omega Restaurant in Milpitas. Athol has over 16 years of experience helping clients name companies, products, services, and taglines. Athol's opening remarks will be followed by a question and answer [...]

“The Check is NOT in the Mail” this Friday at Bootstrappers Breakfast

At a Bootstrappers Breakfast you can: Take part in a serious roundtable conversation among bootstrapping entrepreneurs Compare notes and exchange ideas Learn from others' mistakes Find potential business partners and co-founders The Check Is Not In The Mail Len Sklar joins us in Milpitas this Friday, he will make a short [...]

Paul Graham’s Six Principles for Making New Things

This article compares Paul Graham’s “Six Principles for Making New Things” with Bob Bemer’s “Do Something Small But Useful Now”,  Gary Hamel’s Innovation Hacker, and Peter Drucker’s list of seven places to search systematically for opportunities. […]

Fostering Technology Adoption: Early Customers & Early Revenue

Software companies typically have to convince prospects to adopt new technologies based on their shared history, their service track record, and their ability to accurately predict and deliver real results that overcome the cost and friction of adopting new tools and methodologies. There are a number of lessons we draw [...]