Cliche, Combat, Fellowship, Anarchy, Enigma

S. John Ross wrote a great short essay on “Five Elements of Commercial Appeal in RPG Design” (that I first read in “Things We Think About Games” by Will Hindmarch and Jeff Tidball) that suggested these elements were critical for creating a commercially successful RPG. I think they are also [...]

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Entrepreneurs Need a Community of Practice Not a Movement

Entrepreneurs need a community of practice to improve their skills, not a movement they can join as a fad. I don’t consider myself a disciple or part of a movement. I consider myself a practitioner. I am a huge fan of Saras Sarasvathy, Clayton Christensen, Peter Drucker, Gary Klein, and Gerald [...]

Father’s Day 2012

After my first son was born a friend recommended that I read “The Measure of a Man: Becoming the Father You Wish Your Father Had Been” by Jerrold Lee Shapiro. It was very good advice that I now pass on for Father’s Day. […]

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How To Run Experiments That Improve Your Business – On-Line Book Club June 20

Tomorrow, we complete our coverage of “The Innovator’s DNA”. We have a great panel who will share their tips and lessons learned running experiments that improved their products and business models. Michael Fern, CEO of Intigi, Inc. Edith Harbaugh, Product Manager at Tripit, Inc. Steve Hogan, Managing Partner at Tech-Rx, [...]

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Great Demo! Demonstration Effectiveness Workshop

OVERALL OBJECTIVES Establish a framework, including skills and processes, to create and deliver improved software demonstrations to increase success in the sales and deployment of your organization’s offerings. Sub-objectives: Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness, by implementing a standard process and tools for demonstrations. Establish and communicate clear objectives for each [...]

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Exits vs. Enduring Companies

VCs and angels may talk about changing the world, but their business model rests on a more prosaic calculation: Buy low, sell high. They invest in companies they think will become more valuable, so they can sell their stake for a sizable profit. From the time that VCs invest in [...]

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Enterprise Change Agents Need to Add Process Mining to Their Bag of Tricks

Today many change initiatives (and new software sales almost always involve the key elements of a change initiative) rely on interviews and replicating the results from an existing “manual system.” Processes mining tools and techniques will play an important role here. […]

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