The House I Grew Up In

Some reflections on change, renewal, and transformation after watching a short video of the demolition of the house I grew up in. We think of our buildings as permanent, as much as we think of ourselves as permanent, but things change. […]

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Intrapreneur Mindset and Key Skills

An intrapreneur is an employee who adopts the mindset of an entrepreneur to foster innovation inside of a larger firm. This blog post outlines key skills that an intrapreneur must master to identify useful inventions and get them adopted inside a firm to bring new value to customers. […]

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How To Scale Up Qualitative Research Efforts

Qualitative research that allows firms to understand unmet and emerging needs is now the bottleneck for the specification, development, and delivery of significant new products. This is the result of substantial investment in the last two decades in tools for software development, quantitative evaluative research, marketing and sales. This has [...]

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2018 Renunciations

Peter Drucker has suggested that businesses organize their abandonment of business and practices that they never would have started doing if they knew when they start what they know now. This is my effort at 2018 renunciations for SKMurphy, Inc and in my personal life. […]

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