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Managing Sales People

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Sales, skmurphy

Q: I work at a SaaS company in the services team, we often  team often finds that customers mistakenly believe that: Certain features are included in the product package they bought. Certain services projects are included in the services package they bought. What are some ways to prevent this from happening? Managing sales people is […]

Entrepreneurial Passion: Good Servant, Poor Master

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, Rules of Thumb, skmurphy

Entrepreneurial passion has to be based on a desire to create value, to be of service to a set of target customers. There may be many things you are interested in learning and room enough in your life for several hobbies, but pursuing a passion without regard to your ability to provide value in a […]

Tristan Kromer on Testing Customer and Value Hypotheses

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, 3 Early Customer Stage, Customer Development, skmurphy

These are excerpts from  Episode 9 of Outlier on Air: Tristan Kromer, A Lean Approach to Business.  They are in the same sequence the took place in the interview but a number of stories and asides have been omitted to focus on what I felt were some extremely valuable insights from Tristan Kromer on clarifying and testing […]

What Are Core Skills For Customer Development?

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Customer Development

Q: What is the core mission for customer development at an early-stage start-up? Wat are the skills necessary to execute on that mission? Customer Development Mission Core mission is early customers, early revenue, early references. All of these reduce risk, demonstrate traction, and make subsequent sales efforts easier (and for bootstrappers, keep the lights on).

Labor Day 2014: Knowledge Work Productivity

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in checklist, skmurphy

“A holiday gives one chance to look backward and forward, to reset oneself by an inner compass.” May Sarton I have not yet internalized the lessons from Daniel Cook‘s “Laws of Productivity: 8 Productivity Experiments You Don’t Need to Repeat” [PDF] so I find myself work–and now blogging–on a holiday. Here are my key take-aways […]

Five Blogger Outreach Mistakes To Avoid

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Lead Generation, skmurphy, Thought Leadership

I got the following unsolicited E-mail this morning; I think the marketing term for this is “blogger outreach.” I have redacted the name of the sender (“YYY”) and the name of the firm/product (“XXX”) but “[press kit]” and “[review/checkout]” were included verbatim in the original. There was no footer with an unsubscribe option although phone […]

Few Against Many Requires Focus and Perseverance

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, skmurphy

We Happy Few The fewer men, the greater share of honour. […] We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; Henry V in Act IV Scene iii 18–67. “St. Crispin’s Day speech” A college kid in a dorm room starts assembling and selling person computers.. Two college dropouts–or recent graduates–start building hardware in a […]

Michael Ellsberg: Four Reasons Why Passive Income Is a Destructive Fantasy

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, skmurphy

I make a distinction between wanting to move beyond running a services business where you bill by the hour to either selling results or selling a product and entrepreneurs attracted to the passive income fantasies of the “Four Hour Work Week.” When an entrepreneur tells me that the “Four Hour Work Week” has been a […]

Matt Wensing On Making the Transition to Growth

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Founder Story, Rules of Thumb, skmurphy

Stormpulse has gone from an idea bootstrapped on founder savings and credit cards, to a project funded by friends and family rounds, to a small business strengthened by angel money, to a company that’s raised “meaningful” capital (our last round was just over $2 million). Here’s what I’ve learned since I’ve been able to leave […]

Discovery Kanban Allows Firms to Balance Delivery and Discovery

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 5 Scaling Up Stage, Design of Experiments, Video

I believe that Patrick Steyaert’s Discovery Kanban offers a critical perspective on how large organizations can foster the proliferation of lean innovation methods beyond isolated spike efforts or innovation colonies. I think Patrick Steyaert has come up with an approach that builds on what we have learned from customer development and Lean Startup and offers an […]

Discerning the Future

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in Rules of Thumb, Silicon Valley, skmurphy

Robert Pirsig in his afterward to the tenth anniversary edition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This book has a lot to say about Ancient Greek perspectives and their meaning but there is one perspective it misses. That is their view of time. They saw the future as something that came upon them from behind […]

Recap From Nov-20-2103 MVP Clinic

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, 3 Early Customer Stage, Audio, Community of Practice, skmurphy

Overview: This MVP clinic helps two very different people facing analogous situations: one is a researcher looking for action research topics in the KM4Dev community, the other is an entrepreneur who wants to make athletic contests more engaging for contestants and the audience by providing more information that is mobile device friendly. (You can also […]

Q: How To Estimate Prospect Counts and Market Sizes

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, Funding, Rules of Thumb

Q: I’m trying to determine the size of the market of “fine artists” or “creating artists” in the US (painters, sculptors etc.). The issue I have is the following: I’m able to find numbers of professional or semi-professional artists (artist that make money from their works and are somehow registered) but I don’t know how […]

FounderSuite Worth a Look for Saving Time On Your New Startup

Written by Sean Murphy on . Posted in 1 Idea Stage, 2 Open for Business Stage, Founder Story, Legal Issues, Tools for Startups

There are a number of forms packages now available for entrepreneurs that provide templates for incorporation, investment term sheets, hiring employees and contractors, etc.. And there are several business model canvas tools that are designed to facilitate useful discussions among founders and advisors (and potential investors) about a new startup. But Nathan Beckord‘s Foundersuite is […]

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