SKMurphy Featured In Case Study For Central Desktop

SKMurphy was interviewed and selected as one of a dozen case studies on Document Management Solutions for Consulting Groups by Central Desktop. Read about our innovative approach at "Document Management Solution helps SKMurphy Consulting Group Increase Productivity." We make some strong claims in the case study: Increased productivity - approximately [...]

Public Domain Images for Presentations and Websites

Here's a couple of sources for free public domain photo, clipart, cartoons and images. They are royalty free, not copy-righted and available for personal and commercial use. These stock photos are high resolution and high enough quality for print and websites. However, keep in mind: You [...]

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Three Software Startup News Aggregators: Hacker News, Techmeme, Alltop

Here are three startup feeds that I use at last weekly (I am skmurphy on Hackers News and may check there two or three times a day) that represent three different models to generate a stream of topical links for folks in software startups. Hacker News Techmeme Alltop [...]

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Jotspot Emerges From The Bowels of Google

Rob Hof notes--hat tip to Ross Mayfield--tonight in "Jotspot Returns as Google Sites: Wiki Style Collaboration" (emphasis added): Ever since Google bought the wiki-based online application startup Jotspot in late 2006, people have been wondering if it had disappeared forever inside the bowels of the search giant. Tonight, Google’s launching [...]

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