Month: October 2011

Working For Equity Panel at SVCC 10:45am Sun-Oct-9

If you are considering joining a startup or are in the process of building out your initial team I am moderating a panel at Silicon Valley Code Camp with three startup CEO’s offering lessons learned on their entrepreneurial experiences. The Working For Equity panel is Sunday October 9 at 10:45 am in Room 4306 and …

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Working Smart

Kevin Kelly has  a great blog post up on “working smart” called “What You Don’t Have To Do.” He defines a capability maturity model for working smart:

Real Clear Technology Aggregates Mainstream Media on Technology

I like Hacker News for early information and insights on technology.  But I find the newly launched Real Clear Technology site useful to understand mainstream perception of the impact of technology innovation. It’s a branch off the Real Clear Politics site, my hope is that they build it out to match the same feature set.

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