Discovery Kanban Allows Firms to Balance Delivery and Discovery

I believe that Patrick Steyaert's Discovery Kanban offers a critical perspective on how large organizations can foster the proliferation of lean innovation methods beyond isolated spike efforts or innovation colonies. I think Patrick Steyaert has come up with an approach that builds on what we have learned from customer development and [...]

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We Help You Design Experiments That Move Your Business Forward

While there are many challenges to master in building a new business, technology entrepreneurs have to balance three primary aspects: Team: can you assemble the talent required and keep them together and moving forward? Technology development: can you build a working product? Customer development: can you solve a problem that [...]

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A Conversation With A Bootstrapping EdTech Startup On Customer Interviews

What follows is a sequence of E-mails with an entrepreneur bootstrapping an EdTech startup around the challenges of doing customer interviews that have been recast as a conversation, with the original content edited for length and clarity. Entrepreneur (E): I am working with a couple of friends--we all have day [...]

Innovation Needs Starvation, Pressure, and a New Perspective

Successful innovation results when entrepreneurs manage their own shortcomings,  find a  problem they care about, and approach it from different angles with small safe-to-fail experiments. Dave Snowden on Culture and Innovation Dave Snowden has a thought provoking post on Culture and Innovation where he identified three  necessary, but not sufficient [...]