Your First Dozen Enterprise Customers

My interview with Gabriel Weinberg was originally published Sep-8-2010. He was doing research for what became his fantastic book Traction. We talked for the better part of an hour and a half and I can remember he kept returning in different ways to what was needed to close your first [...]

The Uncanny Valley of Email Automation

Trust is built over repeated interactions between people. If your business requires long term relationships then you have to make sure that investments in automation are not deployed in a way that undercut your ability to have real conversations. Unfortunately, some uses of email automation tools are pushing sales conversations [...]

Managing Sales People

Q: I work at a SaaS company in the services team, we often  team often finds that customers mistakenly believe that: Certain features are included in the product package they bought. Certain services projects are included in the services package they bought. What are some ways to prevent this from [...]

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Do I Need To Be A Supplicant In a Sales Call?

Q: In your blog post “Four Presentation Traps to Avoid” (which drew on Mike Monteiro’s “13 Ways Designers Screw Up a Client Presentation” which I found overall to be very valuable) you highlighted his item 4  “Not setting the stage properly” which ends with “Start the meeting by thanking them for their [...]

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Founders Want Leads and Deals

Q: I have looked at your website and based on some of your blog posts you seem to provide a full range of tactical services–content, outbound messaging, SEO, videos, newsletters, demos, etc.. Why do you talk about “leads and deals” instead of focusing on the full range of services that [...]

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Successful Bootstrappers Are Trustworthy Salespeople Committed to Customer Satisfaction

If you want to be a succeed as a bootstrapper, start with what you've got: you have an insight into an opportunity, a marketing edge, a particular problem where you're going to bring distinctive value. A Bootstrapper Doesn't Wait For Investor Approval Don't wait to get started until an investor tells you [...]

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Building a Business Requires Building Trust

“Don’t take business advice from people with bad personal lives.” Frank Chimero “Some Lessons I Learned in 2013” One of the hallmarks for success in a business-to-business market is the ability to form personal relationships as well as professional business relationships. Both require building trust. I am always dismayed when [...]

Office Hours: Schedule Time To Walk Around Your MVP

Looking for advice on lead generation or closing deals?  Consider scheduling "office hours" to walk around your current sales process or a particular opportunity you are trying to close. SKMurphy functions as a startup advisor to help you understand the process of building a business. We understand the challenges of selecting an [...]

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