OpenSensors Announces IoT University

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IoT UniversityOpenSensors today announced a new educational offering called “IoT University” that is designed to offer practical insights as the Internet of Things (IoT)  is reaching maturity an wider deployment. Here are some details from their announcement

Announcing the IoT University

IoT is reaching maturity and wide spread usage. Over the last year, we have seen implementations in industries such as commercial buildings, industrial iot and mobility. We realize to many IoT still remains a mystery and a buzz word. IoT is new and complex. Our IoT starter course will send a simple, clear explanation of a topic direct to your inbox each day for 5 days.

You can register at

Learn how to choose the best connectivity network for your project

How sensors communicate with the Internet is a key aspect when conceiving of a connected project. There are a number of ways to connect your sensors to the internet dependent upon the needs and limitations of a particular project. Key aspects when considering network connectivity:

  • Range – are you deploying to a single office floor or an entire city?
  • Data Rate – how much bandwidth do you require? How often does your data change?
  • Power – is your sensor running on mains or battery?
  • Frequency – have you considered channel blocking and signal interference?
  • Security – will your sensors be supporting mission critical applications?

To see a full matrix  of common communication technologies that you can choose from–including their tradeoffs–see

“The Internet of Things in Practice” by Yodit Stanton

Here is an outline for a talk given by Yodit Stanton, CEO of OpenSensors, at the 2014 Strangeloop Conference, that is also part of the reference material in the IoT University.

“We are at the dawn of an age of connected things, Internet of Things (IOT), some predict that there will be 25 billion new connected devices over the new few years. In this talk, we will peel away the hype and talk about the practicalities of managing IOT at scale. We will explore the protocols, the message queues and the eternal problem of standards.

This talk will be a practical one where we will a demonstrate the ingestion and processing of IoT data using azondi, our open source IOT message processing engine, built in Clojure using Netty and implementing the LMAX reactor model.”
Description of “The Internet of Things in Practice” by Yodit Stanton at Strangeloop 2014

Our Support of OpenSensors

We have assisted Yodit Stanton and the team at OpenSensors since early 2016.  Our primary focus has been on helping the refine their sales process. We have helped the team to gather, organize, and analyze feedback from clients and prospects. We are excited by their new IoT University offering and believe it will cut through the escalating hype around IoT to offer pragmatic guidance for planning both the technical and business aspects of new deployments. The team brings considerable expertise  in designing and deploying real time monitoring systems for a variety of applications.

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Henna Inam Releases New Book “Wired for Authenticity”

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“I hired Theresa to create a survey tool for me for my book Wired for Authenticity. What I liked best about Theresa is how she was as passionate about the project as I was. She took full ownership, always went the extra mile to make sure that the details were taken care of. The quality and timeliness of her delivery was outstanding. I would highly recommend Theresa.”  Henna Inam, CEO

Walt Maclay Featured as a Thought Leader in Medical Design Technology

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Voler Systems logoWalt Maclay, President of Voler Systems was featured as a thought leader on wearable and IoT devices in the latest issue of Medical Design Technology.  He explains how wearable devices are now driving the definition of low-power and provides techniques for overcoming battery limitations.

“Theresa does an excellent job with the marketing for my company. Because of her technical background, she is able to write an article from a brief interview, and I usually only need to do minor editing. She is creative in the collateral material she has developed. She does what has to be done in order to meet deadlines and provide excellent service. I’ve never heard her say she can’t do something. I will continue to use her services and those of SKMurphy.” Walt Maclay, President of Voler Systems


Giacomo Vacca On Human Cell Analysis at CNSV Nov-4-2014

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Kinetic River Orange LogoThe IEEE Consulting Network of Silicon Valley continues its tradition of inviting world class experts on leading edge technologies  to speak at their monthly meetings. On Tue-Nov-4-2014, Giacomo Vacca of Kinetic River will provide an overview on how flow cytometers enable a wide range of “Human Cell Analysis.

“Sean has been a pleasure to work with. His understanding of business issues faced by startups is very rich. Likewise, he has a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks to share with you in response to a business, customer, or marketing problem. His insights have been very valuable; his perspective has challenged my original thinking in ways that resulted in new solutions being identified. I highly recommend working with him.” Giacomo Vacca, Kinetic River

Verdafero Partners with IBM

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ARMONK, N.Y – 25 Sep 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Verdafero, a San Francisco-based utility analytics startup, has selected IBM Cloud to power its utility analytics platform, allowing customers to reduce their energy, water or waste consumption by up to 30 percent. Verdafero chose IBM’s open cloud platform, Bluemix, over a previously used platform, in order to significantly speed the development and delivery of more features and offerings to its users.

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