Month: August 2020

Building, Borrowing, and Keeping Trust

Keeping trust means speaking and acting in ways that support a firm belief in your reliability, truth, ability, and strength. Trust is an essential element to establishing and maintaining a business relationship, either at a personal or organization level.

Growth - Best Advice

Newsletter August 2020: Sustained Growth

Growth is on everyone’s mind. These four blog posts focus on the ebb and flow of business, the fact that growth is rarely “more of the same” and often requires a change in structure and effective specialization. Sustained growth requires focused execution on the opportunities that are immediately in front of you, the abandonment of …

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A Practical Introduction to Social Capital for Bootstrappers

This is a practical overview of social capital, an essential concept for bootstrappers despite being hard to measure. I offer suggestions for growing your business network, and enhancing your reputation, explaining why increasing social capital creates value for your startup.

Working Capital Worksheets

Copy or download the supplemental worksheets for the Working Capital Vol 1 book. Financial Capital Worksheet Intellectual Capital Worksheet Social Capital Worksheet

Interview with Patricia Watkins on Managing Sales In a Downturn

This is a ten minute interview (audio and edited transcript) I did with with Patricia Watkins on July 24-2020. Patrica is an experienced salesperson and sales executive who’s been helping companies drive sales for more than two decades. We discuss some of the challenges you need to manage during a major economic disruption. We look …

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Pricing model key lever for profitability

Your Pricing Model is a Key Lever for Profitability

There is a natural tendency for technical founders to base their pricing model on an engineering oriented value proposition. Looking at the full impact on business can enable higher prices, which in turn means more profit and faster growth. Wojciech Bulaty of Traffic Parrot describes the mental shift Sean Murphy helped him make to transition …

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